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Smart homeowners, not smart homes – Actuated Futures

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In 2013, I worked for Actuated Futures on a Technology Strategy Board-backed project to investigate how people were using in-home technology, and to see how actionable open data, delivered in the right way at the right time, could help them further save energy, water and money.

Based on these findings, Actuated Futures is building a brand new digital service for zero carbon developer, Citu. Rather than making “smart homes” that try to second-guess their inhabitants’ intentions, the aim is to make “smart homeowners” who feel more confident and in control of their living environments.

I lead on product management, design and research for the project, which is currently being deployed to homes at Little Kelham in Sheffield.

Service Manager Induction and Development Programme – Government Digital Service

Service manager induction and development programme

A highly practical induction and development programme targeting senior leaders responsible for transforming digital services across government. It focuses on strengthening the skills, knowledge and networks to succeed.

Participants learn by doing, share everyday achievements, discuss challenges in trusted forums, and create a supportive network of service managers across government.

As a result they should be better able to advocate for digital by default, establish and track user-centred KPIs, model the right behaviours, get things done, design and operate services effectively.

Agency training

My associates and I provide advice and support to teams to become more user-centred and agile. For example, we ran a 1-day training course on user-centred design and agile for 24 designers, developers and account managers at a digital agency that had been challenged by its customers to deliver projects in an agile way. The day mixed structured discussion of how the agency’s working practices could change with practical exercises to explore agile team working, including one delivering user stories in sprints using Lego. At the end of the day, we ran a retrospective from which participants took away actions to put their learning into practice.

Service jamming

As volunteer organiser for Leeds Service Jam and Leeds GovJam, I run open events teaching service design and design thinking techniques in a fast-paced, practical and fun environment. In less than 48 hours, we get teams who have never met before working together to research, prototype and test new services with users. We use a wide range of insight-generation, experience mapping and prototyping tools. As a result of these events, my associates and I have been commissioned by local public-sector organisations to run in-house training and workshops to help their teams re-design services while learning new skills.

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Customer experience and commercials in mobile apps and payments

Orange is a top 10 global telecoms operator with more than 200 million customers. As a commercial and customer-focused product manager, I worked on Orange App Shop and Orange Wallet for multiple European markets. I led customer experience for NFC payments and ticketing, rolling out services on the Android, Blackberry, Java and Windows Phone platforms.

Assignments at Orange included:

  • managing inclusion of user-centred design and service design methods into previously IT-driven developments
  • discovering, writing and prioritising user stories and requirements for mobile apps and NFC services
  • multi-touchpoint customer journey mapping for joined-up sales and customer service experiences
  • business cases for mobile app stores, including benefits and impacts of device manufacturer partnerships and IT out-sourcing.

As customer experience expert in NFC and mobile wallets, I was seconded to the launch planning team for the UK operators’ mobile marketing and payments joint venture, Weve.