What I do

Working alone, as part of your team, or with my network of experienced associates, I can offer:

People-centred service design

  • running interviews and co-creation workshops with staff and customers to uncover their needs and spot relevant new service opportunities
  • persona creation and customer journey mapping to make sense of the range of people who use your services and their end-to-end experiences across multiple touchpoints
  • modelling new propositions so you can decide what to offer, where to deliver it, how to communicate it, and the right business model to underpin it
  • writing service strategy papers, specifications and requirements setting out in plain English what needs to happen for a service to be a success
  • agile and iterative approaches that start quickly with a simple working service, then scale up as you and your team discover what people want

Web and mobile service innovation

  • managing digital services by constantly listening to users, learning from what they do, and evolving the service accordingly
  • creating natural user experiences that link mobile and tablets, cloud-based services and new technologies such as near-field communication (NFC)
  • navigating the mobile telecoms ecosystem, including contactless payments, ticketing and loyalty
  • applying platform know-how, like when to build for the mobile web, when to make a native app, and how to get the best of both
  • writing and speaking about the future from a people-centred perspective on topics including future cities, big data and the pace of change

Capability development and transformation

  • programming events and nurturing networks that grow into internal and external communities of practice
  • running training programmes to develop service design and management skills on the frontline, in the boardroom and everywhere in-between
  • setting up and transforming in-house teams to turn service design into a strategic advantage for your organisation

Those are just examples – let’s talk about your services and what I can do to help.

If you’re in a UK public sector organisation, you may be able to access these services through G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace.